Clawdeen Wolf® – Scaris™ City of Frights™ Doll

Clawdeen Wolf ScarisOH MY GHOUL! I’M GOING TO SCARIS! Oh my ghoul I’m going to Scaris. I have so much to do to get ready – wish I could borrow Ghoulia’s brain and talent for organization. What should I do first? What should I do last? WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT? A check list  definitely need a check list.

  • Sketch Book – Every fashion design I’ve ever created is in this book. It’s like my security shroud and not even Howleen will touch it without asking me first. It would be a disaster if I forgot it. I wonder how much it would slow me down if I hold the sketch book in one hand and pack with the other?

  • Outfits – How many should I take? All of them? None of them? What if all my fashions are out of style? What if I’m so last week? What if I get laughed at? Maybe I should… maybe I should get a grip. I am Clawdeen Wolf! I didn’t just fall off the fashion hearse! I know what’s in and what’s out and there’s absolutely no monster unlive with a fiercer sense of fashion than me. So why am I suddenly so nervous then?

  • Shoes – All of them. I’ll go claw to toe with any monster over my taste in shoes.

  • Confidence maybe a half a check. What do I do if I fail? Or an even scarier thought… What do I do if I succeed?

Clawdeen Wolf Scaris Doll BoxClawdeen Wolf Scaris DollClawdeen Wolf Scaris Doll Accessories

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